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1. Classpath for building and running an XSpace client application


You will need to have the following in your CLASSPATH when you build your XSpace application:






When you run your application, in addition to the above, you will also need to include in your CLASSPATH, the path to where resides.

There is a in the <xspace_home>/classes directory. To use this default one, add “<xspacehome>/classes” to your CLASSPATH.


2. Configuring specifies the parameters for connecting to the JNDI service in your application server.

The default is configured for JBoss and is in the directory, <xspace_home>/classes.

You must include the path where resides in your run-time class path.


3. Configuring the database (hibernate.cfg.xml)


Database configuration is held in <xspace_home>/src/hibernate.cfg.xml. The default database used by the XSpace server is in-memory HSQLDB.

To change the database to something else you will need to modify this file – specifically the following properties:



Refer to the hibernate documentation for the databases it supports.


After making your changes, rebuild and deploy the xspace.jar file, using the ant target “deploy”.


4. Configuring security

(To be done)